Evans Rd. Compensation

As part of the fisheries habitat requirements associated with the Evans Road overpass in Chilliwack,  the Coalition in partnership with DFO and the City of Chilliwack, began a multi-year project aimed at improving water quality and habitat conditions within the Camp Slough area of northern Chilliwack. These slough habitats have become heavily impacted over the past few decades due to dyking, flood control, and encroachment of private property. Major issues have arisen such as vegetative overgrowth, sedimentation, and low dissolved oxygen levels.

This was an exciting and significant project for the Coalition. As part of the fisheries requirements, we restored 3,100 m2 of fish habitat. We see this as a substantial opportunity to achieve much more in this region, including building stewardship and awareness about the sloughs. The first part of this project involved looking at ways to increase natural flows into Camp Slough to help with oxygenation and sedimentation issues. After researching options, we worked with the City of Chilliwack to open up the ‘CHIP’ gates (Camp/Hope Improvement Project) near the slough’s intake from the Fraser River.

In addition to increasing flows, we performed water quality monitoring along Camp Slough,  provided education in the form of Streamkeeper Training to a number of local residents and First Nations, and completed riparian plantings to provide additional habitat values. Future plans include in-stream fish habitat restoration, and further riparian plantings.