Watershed Program

FVWC Watershed Program 

These four inter-related programs help us achieve our vision of Healthy Watersheds and Healthy Communities and our mandate for collaborative action to better understand, promote, and restore watershed health in the Fraser Valley:

  1. The Habitat Enhancement & Restoration Program focuses on implementing on-the-ground action to increase functional healthy watersheds that support healthy communities. It consists of riparian plantings, in-stream salmon restoration projects, invasive species management, guarding and assessing vegetation stock, and using bioengineering techniques to enhance waterways and watersheds and increase habitat complexity for increased biodiversity and build ecological resilience.
  2. The Environmental Monitoring and Mapping Program helps to identify the statuses and trends of waterways in the Fraser Valley, and the challenges and potential opportunities to enhance or restore these waterway systems (including identifying priority areas). It consists of conducting sensitive habitat inventory mapping (SHIM), water quality monitoring, fish, amphibian and bird surveying and ground-truthing habitats.
  3. The Environmental Facilitation, Watershed Planning and Conservation Program coordinates and collaborates on shared watershed health initiatives across the region with local governments, regional governments, First Nations, Ministry of Agriculture and other sectors and community groups for shared visioning and strategizing.
  4. The Community Stewardship, Education and Outreach Program educates and connects communities to the importance of healthy watersheds and offers hands-on-training and experiences. This includes addressing challenges that can impact our air, water and soil. It consists of offering public lecture series, bringing in non-local community training opportunities and training university and high school students as well as engaging with all members of the communities served in the Fraser Valley about healthy watersheds through different forms, events, and engagement techniques.