Fraser Valley

The Fraser Valley is one of several regions that make up what is considered to be the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. "The Valley", is the area extending from Langley at its western end to Hope in the east. Even though the area west of Langley all the way to the Strait of Georgia could be considered a continuation of the valley, this area is called Greater Vancouver.

Today, the Fraser Valley has a variety of land uses, ranging from the urban and industrial, golf courses and parks, to dairy farms and market gardens.

Agricultural land in the Fraser Valley (much of it protected by the Agricultural Land Reserve) is intensively farmed: the Fraser Valley brings in over half of British Columbia's annual agricultural revenue, although it makes up a small percentage of the province's total land area.

The first settlers in the area were the Sto:lo people, residents for over 10,000 years, known as part of the Coast Salish. They were the first hunters, boat builders, fishers, gatherers, and made extensive use of the Fraser River and Valley.

The Fraser Valley is a beautiful area with many activities for the outdoor/nature enthusiaist.