Stave River – searching for sandhill cranes

January 19, 2019

Sandhill cranes are highly charismatic birds! They have large public interest and are the flagship species for both Burns Bog Society and the Reifel bird sanctuary. However, local populations in BC appear to be in decline. It is estimated that less than 10 breeding pairs remain in the Fraser Valley. In an effort to keep “common species common,” we are working with a local biologist, Myles Lamont (TerraFauna Wildlife Consulting), to monitor newly restored habitats, collect telemetry data and help answer basic natural history questions such as does the whole population overwinter here? Or only a subset, or possibly different age classes? The goal is to better understand how the sandhill cranes (among many other species) use their habitats so that restoration efforts can incorporate these micro-habitat values into the design.  Photo credit: Reifel Bird Sanctuary. 




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