Our Work

Taking actions

What we do

As local leaders, we take actions to conserve,restore and enhance watersheds and community values to benefit people and nature.

FVWC Watershed Program

Habitat Restoration & Enhancement

Implements on-the-ground action to increase functional healthy watersheds that support healthy communities and build ecosystem resilience. Typically involves:

• Instream salmon restoration (constructing stream and wetlands)

• Riparian (tree & shrub) planting

• Bio-engineering

• Invasive species management (mechanical control)

• Assessing and guarding vegetation

• Livestock exclusion fencing around streams

...read more about our latest projects here

Environmental Monitoring & Mapping 

Identifies the statuses of waterways and distribution of aquatic fish populations in the Fraser Valley. Information collected is used to plan future enhancement opportunities and priority actions.  Typically involves:

• Water Quality Monitoring

• Fish surveying

• Amphibian surveying

• Bird Surveying

• Sensitive habitat inventory mapping (SHIM)

• Watercourse mapping


Education & Outreach

Connects communities to the importance of healthy watersheds and offers hands-on-training and experiences in nature. Often learning involves understanding the connection between our air, water, soil and biodiversity. Typically involves:

• Free public lecture series

• Community workshops and training

• Directed school-group (Elementary to University) field trips and in-class learning

• Professional development credit opportunities

• Restoration field tours

• Tree planting events

• Invasive management events


Watershed Planning 

Coordinates, facilitates and collaborates on shared watershed health initiatives and priority projects across the region. This is completed in partnership with local, regional, provincial and federal governments, First Nations and other sectors and community groups as applicable; within existing regulations and bylaws, best management practices and strategies. It is the first step for all projects undertaken by FVWC

FVWC Administered Programs & Community Groups

We support and administer other community groups with their watershed stewardship projects.  

We administer CLASS and support their activities.

Currently, CLASS seeks donations for Phase 2 of an environmental evaluation study. The study will identify the monetary value lake residents and visitors assign to the natural goods and services the lake provides. These services include pristine water and all the benefits that come from a healthy, sustainable environment. The evaluation will help governments and community leaders choose the best strategies today to keep Cultus Lake healthy for future generations. CLASS will recruit an economics professional and plans to begin the two-year study in 2019.


For more information about CLASS and their current project, please see cultusstewards.ca

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