Notice of Construction -Salmon Habitat Stewart Creek (Wilson Park) August 2019

August 2, 2019

Notice of Construction

Stewart Creek Salmon Habitat 
Wilson Park Chilliwack (Yarrow) BC

Date: August 26-28, 2019
Time: 7:00 am – 5:30 pm
Location: Wilson Park, Chilliwack (Yarrow) BC
Activities: Excavation and creation of new salmon habitat. Park amenity improvements.

Stewart Creek is an important salmon stream that flows through Wilson Park, Chilliwack (Yarrow) BC. This location provides a unique opportunity to create an off-channel pond to increase the overall aquatic habitat to support juvenile salmon and trout. The new habitat will provide young salmon a “refuge” to escape fast flowing waters during the winter months. This overwintering and rearing habitat is important because young salmon often require slower moving, cool water habitats to feed, grow and prepare for their migration to the Salish Sea. Did you know…by planting trees and shrubs, we are cooling the water (through shading), and adding in the “fish food?” (insects falling off trees into the water)! These efforts also help to improve local biodiversity.


Anticipated Works & Timeline:
Enhancement and restoration efforts will include the creation of new salmon habitat (with the use of excavators and machinery) and replanting the area with native trees and shrubs (with the help of community volunteers). In addition, the City of Chilliwack will be improving the park amenities so that visitors can enjoy the park and natural features.

-August 26-28th – Salmon habitat excavation activities involving heavy machinery.Lead by FVWC and DFO
-August 29 – September 6th – Installation of new park amenities. Lead by City of Chilliwack.
-September date to be confirmed – Community Planting Event!


Funders and Partners:
This project has been funded by the Pacific Salmon Foundation, City of Chilliwack, and has been supported by DFO Resource Restoration Unit, DFO Community Advisor and the Fraser Valley Regional District. Thank You!


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